Descendents of Joseph Croft

Alphabetical List of Names

Name Birth date Death date Birth location Death location Age at death

Justin Abbott Private

Oliver Achard Private

Philippe Achard Private

Stephanie Achard Private

Hannah Adelia WFT Est. 1823-1846 WFT Est. 1868-1934 45 est.

David AGehrke Private

Maye B. Almquist Private

Alice Crystal Anderson Private

Harold Anderson Private

Clara Lawson Arant March 09, 1885 WFT Est. 1959-1984 Lewiston, Idaho 74 est.

Faith Arnold Private

Chris Arther Private

Tyler John Arther Private

Emma Adelia Arvedson August 18, 1865 December 09, 1906 Algonquin, Illinois Lancaster, Wisconsin 41

Peter Arvedson WFT Est. 1814-1843 WFT Est. 1868-1928 54 est.

Isabel Atkins WFT Est. 1839-1862 WFT Est. 1884-1950 45 est.

Margaret Ayres December 14, 1789 WFT Est. 1827-1884 Yorkshire, England 38 est.

Jennie Esther Bacon September 22, 1875 April 08, 1896 Sharon, Minnesota Tracy, Minnesota 20

James Thomas Badgett Private

John Clark Badgett Private

Timothy Clark Badgett Private

Richard S. Bail Private

Carol Mary Bailie Private

Clayton Alfred Bailie Private

Ethel Marian Bailie Private

Floyd Frederick Bailie May 28, 1907 April 29, 1990 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 82

James Douglas Bailie Private

Joel Ray Bailie Private

John Steven Bailie Private

Linda Lou Bailie Private

Paul Graham Bailie January 29, 1905 November 1974 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 69 est.

Reuben Paul Bailie March 24, 1934 March 27, 1934 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 0

Ruth Lesla Bailie Private

Sarah Alice Bailie Private

Susan Louise Bailie Private

William C. Bailie December 10, 1877 December 17, 1965 Ireland Lancaster, Wisconsin 88

Barbara Baker Private

Guerdon Baker Private

Jacqueline Baker Private

John Archie Baker January 29, 1877 September 20, 1960 Mt.Ida, Wisconsin Platteville, Wisconsin 83

Linda Baker Private

Marcus Franklin Baker January 18, 1902 February 16, 1917 Lancaster, Wisconsin Platteville, Wisconsin 15

Robert E. Baker Private

Robert G. Baker Private

Sharri Baker Private

Shirley Baker Private

Dorothy Jane Barr Private

Lori Ann Barr Private

Ivy Gladys Barris Private

Dorothy Ruth Barry Private

William E. Barry WFT Est. 1864-1893 WFT Est. 1918-1978 54 est.

Marcella Becwar Private

Elizabeth Beetham September 02, 1878 June 30, 1958 Liberty Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 79

Geraldine Lucy Belscamper Private

Hannah Jane Bennett July 17, 1868 January 04, 1951 Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 82

Marion Benton Private

Ronald Benton Private

Steven Benton Private

Anne Kathleen Berry Private

Barbara Lynn Berry Private

Beaufort Berry April 30, 1890 June 25, 1968 North Carolina Windom, Minnesota 78

Brook Allen Berry Private

Bruce Stanford Berry Private

Candy Elizabeth Berry Private

Corrine Janelle Berry Private

Dale Berry Private

Dean Berry Private

Deanna Gail Berry Private

Deborah Jean Berry Private

Elizabeth Joan Berry Private

Hope Marcella Berry Private

Jonathan Ronald Berry Private

Joy Delores Berry Private

Linnea Joy Berry Private

Mark Douglas Berry Private

Martha Lynn Berry Private

Mary Lee Berry Private

Matthew Dean Berry Private

Reed Burdelle Berry Private

Ronald Neil Berry Private

Steven Eric Berry Private

Wayne Berry Private

Alma Blackburn October 22, 1904 September 25, 1958 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Fennimore, Wisconsin 53

Ellen Blado WFT Est. 1873-1896 WFT Est. 1918-1984 45 est.

Anna Cornelia Block June 22, 1893 July 1982 South Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 89 est.

Helen Blomquist Private

Billie Jean Blood Private

Bonnie Lou Blood Private

William Davis Blood April 18, 1912 September 24, 1964 Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado 52

Elvira Bluder Private

Robert Blum Private

Philip Boirque Private

Alex Kjonaas Bolen September 08, 1991

Kelley Michael Bolen

Tony Bolen

Susan Marie Bosben Private

Bruce C. Boyd Private

Michael Anthony Boyd February 22, 1975

Addie Boyes February 25, 1881 March 03, 1938 Lancaster, Wisconsin Grand Junction, Colorado 57

Agnes Eva Boyes February 15, 1915 August 13, 1971 Fruita, Colorado Denver, Colorado 56

Charles Allen Boyes January 10, 1910 March 1975 Grand Junction, Colorado Grand Junction, Colorado 65 est.

Charles Earl Boyes Private

Eva Boyes September 25, 1877 April 14, 1906 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 28

Fannie Hannah Boyes December 07, 1853 December 25, 1934 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 81

Frederick Olin Boyes Private

Frederick Thomas Boyes August 12, 1883 May 01, 1955 Lancaster, Wisconsin Spokane, Wshington 71

Frederick Thomas Boyes Private

George Boyes December 01, 1848 April 14, 1929 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Grand Junction,Colorado 80

Harriet Boyes June 04, 1843 September 16, 1886 Montreal, Quebec, Canada North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 43

Louis Allen Boyes December 19, 1876 May 05, 1956 Lancaster, Wisconsin Grand Junction, Colorado 79

Mary A. Boyes July 19, 1851 May 31, 1932 Janesville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 80

Robert William Boyes Private

Thomas Boyes WFT Est. 1792-1821 WFT Est. 1846-1906 54 est.

Thomas Boyes WFT Est. 1797-1826 WFT Est. 1851-1911 54 est.

Thomas Boyes WFT Est. 1800-1829 WFT Est. 1854-1914 54 est.

Thomas Boyes WFT Est. 1802-1831 WFT Est. 1856-1916 54 est.

Timothy Allen Boyes Private

William Guy Boyes Private

Henry Brandemuehl November 30, 1879 March 12, 1965 South Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 85

DeAnn Branting Private

Opal Bremer Private

Julia Broihan WFT Est. 1838-1861 WFT Est. 1883-1949 45 est.

Bernard Brokopp October 24, 1912 March 05, 1968 Elroy, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 55

John William Brokopp Private

Michael Wayne Brokopp Private

Peter John Brokopp Private

Sheryl Ann Brokopp Private

Steven Edward Brokopp Private

Susan Ellen Brokopp Private

Vonda Lynn Brokopp Private

Wesley Bernard Brokopp Private

Anna Laura Brown April 05, 1870 December 12, 1953 St. Charles, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 83

Joseph B. Brown WFT Est. 1819-1848 WFT Est. 1873-1933 54 est.

Anna Bryhan WFT Est. 1842-1865 WFT Est. 1887-1953 45 est.

Marie Buehler Private

Joan Willodene Bush Private

John Kenneth Bush July 20, 1900 WFT Est. 1931-1991 Chicago, Illinois 31 est.

Leone Callow

Mary Calloway Private

Georgene Lynae Cameron Private

Thoms Campbell Private

Antonio Caro Private

Carrie F. Carr June 04, 1861 July 08, 1932 Iowa County, Wisconsin Central Point, Oregon 71

Beth Lynn Carstenbrock Private

Jay Paul Carstenbrock Private

Ronald Bruce Carstenbrock Private

Walter Carstenbrock Private

Tracy Caruthers Private

Linda Anne Elizabeth Cassidy Private

Earl Christensen Private

Daniel Gene Churchill Private

Denise Irene Churchill Private

Dennis Churchill Private

Donna Ellen Churchill Private

Barbara Jean Cliff Private

Bernard Carson Cliff Private

Brian Eugene Cliff Private

Bruce Joseph Cliff Private

Calvin Robert Cliff Private

Carson John Cliff February 22, 1928 February 02, 1983 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 54

Eugene Henry Cliff Private

Gary David Cliff Private

Helen Louise [Schleicher] Cliff Private

John Cliff October 07, 1905 June 11, 1973 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 67

Karen Louise Cliff Private

Kay Elizabeth Cliff Private

Norma June Cliff Private

Sally Ann Cliff Private

Sandra Janine Cliff Private

Shirley Marie Cliff Private

James Cockins Private

Bernice Vivian Cole Private

Harold Dean Coltharp Private

Laura Elizabeth Cooner Private

Marion Francis Cooner Private

Marion Mitchell Cooner Private

Donald Cosgrove Private

Margaret Coulter Private

Forrest Crawford Private

Priscilla Crawford Private

Albert Croft December 08, 1857 June 13, 1936 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 78

Alexander Croft June 14, 1848 December 08, 1924 Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 76

Alfred Croft August 29, 1878 July 28, 1948 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 69

Alice Croft September 30, 1904 March 12, 1932 Milroy, Minnesota Yakima, Washington 27

Allen Roger Croft Private

Alonzo Croft December 16, 1881 January 05, 1924 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 42

Ann Croft August 14, 1812 WFT Est. 1813-1906 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

Anna Croft Croft December 10, 1838 September 17, 1912 York, Yorkshire, England North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 73

Arthur Alexander Croft July 23, 1891 August 04, 1951 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 60

Becki Lee Croft Private

Benjamin Croft September 02, 1851 May 02, 1918 Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin Minnesota near the town of Walnut Grove 66

Bertha Ione Croft December 25, 1876 May 10, 1964 Werley, Wisconsin Fort Worth, Texas 87

Betsy Jean Yvonne Croft Private

Boy Croft August 23, 1877 August 1877 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Mt. Ida, Wisconsin 0 est.

Candace Ann Croft Private

Carl Edgar Croft July 11, 1909 December 26, 1968 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 59

Carol Ann Croft Private

Carol Ellen Croft Private

Cathy Diane Croft Private

Charles Croft June 22, 1840 June 11, 1901 York, Yorkshire, England Windom, Minnesota 60

Charles Edgar Croft January 22, 1872 May 27, 1923 Lancaster, Wisconsin Yakima, Washington 51

Charles John Croft Private

Charles Wesley Croft June 09, 1908 October 11, 1992 Sioux City, Iowa Nampa, ID 84

Charlotte Croft 1912 1912 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 0 est.

Cheryl Ann Croft Private

Clara Croft September 12, 1881 January 20, 1918 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 36

Clarence Croft August 14, 1885 March 16, 1963 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin 77

Clarke LaVern Croft November 11, 1909 August 29, 1986 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Olmstead, Ohio 76

Clyde LeRoy Croft August 30, 1888 January 10, 1959 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 70

Cora Ella Croft July 30, 1881 May 27, 1952 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 70

Dallas Gloy Croft Private

Daniel Scott Croft Private

David Harvey Croft Private

Denise Louise Croft Private

Dennis Lee Croft Private

Donald Croft Private

Donald Willis Croft Private

Donita Ruth Croft Private

Donna A. Croft Private

Donna Marie Croft Private

Dylan Cameron Croft Private

Edgar James Croft October 23, 1872 July 18, 1944 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 71

Eliza Croft January 09, 1824 WFT Est. 1825-1918 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

Eliza Croft February 14, 1842 February 16, 1909 York, Yorkshire, England Lancaster, Wisconsin 67

Elizabeth Croft April 02, 1900 May 30, 1964 Gales Township, Redwood County, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 64

Emilio Croft Private

Emily Helen [Cliff] Croft Private

Eric LaVern Croft Private

Ethel Ann Croft September 22, 1879 May 30, 1937 Lancaster, Wisconsin Windom, Minnesota 57

Eugene Robert Croft January 10, 1880 March 28, 1960 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 80

Eva Mae Croft Private

Evelyn Donalda Croft March 19, 1909 February 1975 Yakima, Washington 65 est.

Evelyn Marie Croft August 29, 1916 December 27, 1969 Lancaster, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 53

Fergus A. Croft March 22, 1868 May 04, 1944 Lancaster, Wisconsin Windom, Minnesota 76

Flora Ellen Croft January 25, 1870 February 28, 1950 Lancaster, Wisconsin Windom, Minnesota 80

Floyd Croft January 06, 1893 May 1971 Redwood Falls, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 78 est.

Floyd Arthur Croft March 05, 1913 April 20, 1971 Lancaster, Wisconsin Santa Fe Springs, California 58

Fred Thomas Croft October 16, 1882 November 27, 1954 Lancaster, Wisconsin Pasadena, California 72

George Croft July 15, 1806 WFT Est. 1807-1896 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

George Richard Croft Private

Gerald Barry Croft Private

Gordon Willis Croft Private

Harry Benjamin Croft September 13, 1897 January 10, 1946 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Tracy, Minnesota 48

Harry Lewis Croft April 29, 1904 February 05, 1965 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 60

Harvey E. Croft March 08, 1875 February 04, 1944 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 68

Hattie Mae Croft August 22, 1877 July 12, 1956 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 78

Hazel Croft Private

Henry Harris Croft October 16, 1855 July 05, 1918 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Central Point, Oregon 62

Ivanell Croft Private

James Croft December 23, 1816 WFT Est. 1817-1906 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

James Verl Croft Private

Jean Lucille Croft Private

Jeffrey Steven Croft Private

Jennifer Croft April 06, 1947

Johannah Marie Croft Private

John Croft October 01, 1808 WFT Est. 1809-1898 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

John Wesley Croft May 16, 1874 March 19, 1951 Lancaster, Wisconsin Los Angeles, California 76

Joseph Croft November 08, 1777 WFT Est. 1826-1869 Yorkshire, England 49 est.

Juan Croft Private

Karen Croft Private

Karen Ann Croft Private

Kenneth Barry Croft Private

Kevin Lee Croft Private

Kristi Ann Croft Private

Laura E. Croft July 16, 1879 February 15, 1943 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Platteville, Wisconsin 63

Laurie Jean Croft Private

LaVern Harry Croft Private

Leslie Jean Croft Private

Lewis Croft Private

Lewis Harris Croft August 31, 1846 September 06, 1932 Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 86

Luis Croft Private

Lyus Croft August 04, 1935 June 08, 1990 Lancaster, Wisconsin Dubuque, Iowa 54

Mabel Croft Private

Margaret Croft Private

Marilyn Croft Private

Mark Allan Croft Private

Martha Rebecca Croft October 25, 1883 March 17, 1888 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 4

Marvel Mae Croft Private

Mary Elizabeth Croft Private

Mary Rebecca Croft February 15, 1863 September 10, 1929 Lancaster, Wisconsin St. Paul, Minnesota 66

Matthew Croft March 26, 1821 WFT Est. 1822-1911 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

Matthew Croft February 07, 1850 August 17, 1850 Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin 0

Michael Jon [Cliff] Croft Private

Mildred Croft Private

Minerva Croft September 20, 1888 September 03, 1957 Redwood County, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 68

Minnie Croft February 20, 1870 June 12, 1892 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 22

Myrna May Croft Private

Myrtle Croft March 06, 1893 June 1979 Walnut Grove, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 86 est.

Naomi Jean Croft Private

Neva Mae Croft September 11, 1901 December 14, 1994 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 93

Norbert Croft Private

Norton Evans Croft November 28, 1915 December 20, 1973 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Livermore, California 58

Norton Evans Croft II Private

Peggy Croft Private

Ralph Croft August 29, 1894 October 10, 1941 Redwood Falls, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 47

Ralph August Croft August 11, 1899 May 1979 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin 79 est.

Ralph James Croft Private

Rebecca Croft September 17, 1853 November 28, 1928 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Grand Junction,Colorado 75

Renee Merry Croft Private

Richard Barry Croft Private

Richard Harris Croft Private

Robert Croft Private

Robert Alton Croft Private

Robert James Croft Private

Robert Lee Croft February 15, 1907 1907 Windom, Minnesota Pasadena, California 0 est.

Robert Ralph Croft Private

Roger Allen Croft Private

Rowena I. Croft July 29, 1898 January 30, 1948 Tracy, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 49

Ruth Annette Croft February 01, 1936 Pasco, WN

Sandra Kay Croft Private

Sandra Lynn Croft Private

Stephanie Anne Croft Private

Steven Allen Croft Private

Sue Ann Croft Private

Susan Ann Croft Private

Susan Jo [Cliff] Croft Private

Suzanne Marie Croft Private

Tammy Jo Croft Private

Terry Lee Croft Private

Terry Lee[Cliff] Croft Private

Theresa Lynn Croft Private

Thomas Croft Private

Thomas Frederick Croft May 25, 1860 October 03, 1938 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 78

Tobin A. Croft Private

Tommy Joseph Croft Private

Tracy A. Croft Private

Valorie Ann Croft Private

Vernon A. Croft October 15, 1899 November 24, 1934 Windom, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 35

Violet Croft Private

Wilford Stanley Croft April 12, 1919 May 25, 1985 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 66

William A. Croft November 25, 1810 December 30, 1875 York, Yorkshire, England North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 65

William H. Croft March 22, 1844 September 01, 1922 Rock County near the town of Janesville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 78

William Joseph Croft June 07, 1866 May 10, 1936 Lancaster, Wisconsin Windom, Minnesota 69

William Thomas Croft November 05, 1892 May 02, 1940 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Walnut Grove, Minnesota 47

Willis Ferguson Croft April 25, 1906 March 28, 1922 Tracy, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 15

Wilma Elizabeth Croft March 07, 1907 December 06, 1991 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 84

Alonzo M. Cross WFT Est. 1860-1889 WFT Est. 1914-1974 54 est.

Lova Muriel Cross Private

Jamie Daniel Crubaugh Private

Jeremy Lee Crubaugh Private

Keith Wilburn Crubaugh January 28, 1914 January 13, 1994 Mt. Hope, Wisconsin Guttenberg, Iowa 79

Larry Lee Crubaugh Private

Sherry Ann Crubaugh December 03, 1952 December 05, 1952 Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 0

David John Currier Private

Elizabeth Michelle Currier Private

Thomas John Currier Private

Brian Jon Curry Private

Carol Henry Curry September 25, 1900 February 22, 1952 Litchfield, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 51

Gwendolyn Ladonna Curry Private

Janel Marie Curry Private

Stanton Jay Curry Private

Steven Clayton Curry Private

Charles Guilford Curtis Private

Charles N. Curtis Private

David Harold Curtis Private

Dorothy Esther Curtis Private

Frederick Howard Curtis Private

Pamela Jane Curtis Private

Paul Allen Curtis Private

Richard Paul Curtis Private

Tamera Jean Curtis Private

Ruth Dague Private

Herbert J. Davis May 27, 1886 WFT Est. 1913-1977 Newell, Iowa 27 est.

Maria Delano Private

Marion Delano Private

Rebecca Delano Private

Katherine Anne Devlin Private

Russell DeVries Private

Eugenia DeWitt Private

Alfreda J. Diesel January 29, 1880 October 02, 1964 Rockville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 84

John Diesel WFT Est. 1829-1858 WFT Est. 1883-1943 54 est.

Henrietta Dikkers Private

Ruth [Morgan] Dryden Private

Fred Duffy Private

Mary Duncalf May 10, 1854 December 02, 1918 Mt. Ida, Wisconsin Minnesota near the town of Walnut Grove 64

David Wesley Dunn Private

James Dunn Private

Kathryn Jane Dunn Private

Virginia Cleo Early Private

Angelica Eggers Private

Charlotte Eggers Private

Christine Eggers Private

Debra Marie Eggers Private

Ervin Eggers Private

Gary Eggers Private

Maynard Eggers Private

Michael Eggers Private

Pamela Eggers Private

Richard Eggers Private

Robert Eggers Private

Victor Eggers Private

Georgia Mildred Ehrgott Private

Pamela Mary Ehrgott Private

Alesha Rayell Eisele Private

David Donald Eisele Private

Jeffrey David Eisele Private

Matthew David Eisele Private

Nicole Rayell Eisele Private

Tamera Lynne Eisele Private

Christine Epperson Private

Mary Lou Epperson Private

Robert Epperson Private

Esther Private

Loretta Josephine Falaschi July 24, 1934 April 17, 1984 West Mont, Illinois Lancaster, Wisconsin 49

Orville Emil Farber Private

Patricia Ann Farber Private

Bonnie Fellows Private

Morris Fellows Private

Phillip Fellows Private

Randy Fellows Private

Jennifer Susan Ferguson Private

Robert Folden Private

Donald Frederick Private

Jill Marie Frederick Private

Carol Frederickson Private

Michael Freeborn Private

Newell Freeman July 13, 1883 February 12, 1937 Windom, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 53

Rose Mary Freeman Private

Myrle Friis Private

Marilyn Fritz Private

Helen Funkhauser Private

Beverly Furseth Private

Harry Garthright Private

Mark Wayne Garthright Private

Betty Garthwaite Private

Brian David Garthwaite Private

Carol Garthwaite Private

Chester Garthwaite Private

David Garthwaite Private

Harry Garthwaite November 07, 1892 WFT Est. 1924-1983 Mt. Hope, Wisconsin 32 est.

Ivanelle Garthwaite Private

Janet Garthwaite Private

Judy Garthwaite Private

Margaret Garthwaite Private

Nancy Garthwaite Private

Paul Garthwaite Private

Scott Garthwaite Private

Susan Garthwaite Private

Theresa Garthwaite Private

Michael Edward Gartman Private

Patricia Susan Gartman Private

Ronald Michael Gartman Private

Charles Gary Gehrcke Private

Charles H. Gehrcke Private

David Glen Gehrcke Private

Jeffrey John Gehrcke Private

Jody Gehrcke Private

Linda Gehrcke Private

Ryan David Gehrke Private

Sandra Glee Gehrke Private

Keith Winfield Geiger Private

Kurt Beren Geiger Private

Marjorie Geiger Private

Lois Gilleland Private

Louise Gonzales Private

Lowell Gordon Private

Allison Michelle Govier Private

Bruce Allen Govier Private

Charles Govier WFT Est. 1830-1859 WFT Est. 1884-1944 54 est.

Charles Alva Govier May 26, 1911 December 14, 1981 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 70

David Allen Govier Private

Donald O. Govier June 15, 1915 January 25, 1920 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 4

Donna Jean Govier Private

Dorothy Lucille Govier Private

Edna Marie Govier April 29, 1913 October 31, 1994 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Guttenberg, Iowa 81

Glenn Allen Govier Private

Gregory Glenn Govier Private

Ivan Howard Govier August 27, 1917 September 30, 1989 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Phoenix, Arizona 72

Jeffrey Glenn Govier Private

Julie Lynn Govier Private

Kari Kae Govier Private

Lela Mae Govier Private

Lisa Ann Govier Private

Lyle LeRoy Govier Private

Marilyn Lee Govier Private

Mary Isabel Govier Private

Ora Govier July 18, 1881 June 08, 1956 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 74

Randy Joe Govier Private

Ricky Jon Govier Private

Ryan Jon Govier Private

Timothy James Govier Private

Carl Graham Private

Carla Suzanne Graham Private

Clarence Fletcher Graham November 29, 1879 March 30, 1880 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 0

Eliza Ann Graham March 16, 1862 November 25, 1937 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 75

Esther Corlena Graham Private

Guilford Graham February 27, 1870 July 15, 1936 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 66

Hannah Belle Graham January 24, 1877 March 04, 1951 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 74

Harley Graham August 22, 1896 June 02, 1965 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 68

Hazel Graham February 10, 1925 January 08, 1966 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 40

Helen Graham February 10, 1925 March 13, 1925 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 0

James Reid Graham Private

John James Graham February 03, 1864 April 12, 1865 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 1

Lucille Graham Private

Mark Graham Private

Mary Margaret Graham February 06, 1868 August 29, 1915 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 47

Mildred Ann Graham Private

Rebecca Jane Graham July 29, 1872 August 20, 1872 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 0

Robert Keith Graham Private

Ruth Eliza Graham December 05, 1903 November 19, 1966 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Nevada, Missouri 62

Thomas Albert Graham August 27, 1884 September 04, 1886 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 2

Thomas Fletcher Graham October 22, 1832 November 30, 1925 England North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 93

William Henry Graham February 28, 1866 August 05, 1942 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 76

Gordon Graves Private

Susan Diane Graves Private

Beryl Beatrice Green Private

Ardella Griffith Private

Lorraine Griffith Private

Luther Griffith August 04, 1900 WFT Est. 1938-1991 Tracy, Minnesota 38 est.

Marilyn Griffith Private

Violet Griffith Private

Cinda Lu Griswold Private

Jason Robert Griswold Private

Jerold Robert Griswold Private

Justin Jerold Griswold Private

Robert Walter Griswold Private

Susan Kay Griswold Private

Maralyn Anne Groves Private

Jean Ann Grube Private

Emily Kay Gruebling Private

George Christopher Gruebling Private

Marilyn Kay [Millard] Gruebling Private

Dorothy Olivia Gurken Private

Henderson Halferty WFT Est. 1833-1862 WFT Est. 1887-1947 54 est.

Laura Halferty March 03, 1884 December 01, 1965 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 81

Dwight Hall Private

Kathleen Joy Hall Private

Michael Douglas Hall Private

Peter Jeffrey Hall Private

Torrey Duane Hall Private

Donna Lynette Hanson Private

Barbara Lynn Harriman Private

Bradley Thomas Harriman Private

Rebecca Harris February 06, 1820 July 25, 1905 Thirsk, Yorkshire, England North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin 85

Effie Mae Hayes Private

Leola Heberlein March 28, 1907 September 09, 1990 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 83

David William Heimerdinger Private

Earl William Heimerdinger Private

Kevin Joel Heimerdinger Private

Scott Robert Heimerdinger Private

Marie Kathleen Hellenbrand Private

Sharon Hendrickson Private

Henry Hessebeck July 16, 1904 April 11, 1960 Ocheydon Township, Osceolla County, Iowa Windom, Minnesota 55

Jody Lynn Hessebeck Private

Paul Henry Hessebeck May 13, 1944 May 10, 1961 Great Bend Township, Cottonwood County, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 16

Randall Paul Hessebeck Private

Ronald Lee Hessebeck Private

Willard Dennis Hessebeck Private

Kathleen Elizabeth [Bezrin] Hibbard Private

Gary Hill Private

Michael Hill Private

Richard Hill Private

Valerie Hill Private

Vallie Hill October 18, 1877 September 02, 1948 Lamar, Missouri Grand Junction, Colorado 70

Vicki Hill Private

Oline Hodne Private

Dawn Holbrook Private

Marsden Holm Private

Maynard G. Holman Private

Olga Holte November 25, 1900 July 1982 Butterfield, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 81 est.

Arvie Horn Private

Jack A. Horn Private

Jody M. Horn Private

Michelle Horn Private

Jacqueline Mae Horsman Private

Beverly Howard Private

Cornelius Howard Private

Katherine Marie Howard Private

Glen Howell Private

Rosalie Howell Private

Anna Margaret Hughes Private

George Berry Huntley Private

Janet Laura Huntley Private

Richard Huntley Private

Scott Edward Huntley Private

Vivian B. Huntley Private

Marie Huseman Private

Sarah Hutchinson October 03, 1842 January 27, 1922 Hancock County, Ohio Windom, Minnesota 79

Brian Arnold Huxtable Private

Douglas Allen Huxtable Private

Jeffrey Lee Huxtable Private

Terry Arnold Huxtable Private

Cecily Irwin Private

Florence Jencks November 22, 1893 December 1972 Sumner, Iowa Windom, Minnesota 79 est.

Andrew Olaf Johnson Private

Ann Louise Johnson Private

Bret Ernest Johnson Private

Bruce Marlin Johnson Private

Bryan James Johnson Private

Carolyn Joyce Johnson Private

Eugene David Johnson Private

Harold Johnson July 27, 1903 October 1970 Tracy, Minnesota 67 est.

Harold Thomas Johnson Private

Harry Johnson July 27, 1903 February 07, 1934 Tracy, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 30

James A. Johnson Private

James Allen Johnson Private

Janelle Kay Johnson Private

Kermit Wells Johnson Private

Kristin Ann Johnson Private

Larry Ernest Johnson Private

Leann Janice Johnson Private

Mamie Johnson March 14, 1878 October 04, 1970 Redwood Falls, Minnesota Yakima, Washington 92

Marsha Elaine Johnson Private

Mikael Alan Johnson Private

Paul Charles Johnson Private

Ruth Johnson January 19, 1909 July 1992 Tracy, Minnesota 83 est.

Stephanie Lyn Johnson Private

Thomas Ernest Johnson Private

Thomas Kent Johnson Private

Thomas P. Johnson March 27, 1873 August 18, 1945 York, Yorkshire, England Windom, Minnesota 72

Vera Pearl Johnson Private

Wilda Johnson January 18, 1886 December 12, 1963 Minnesota Pasadena, California 77

Willard H. Johnson October 19, 1900 July 1976 Tracy, Minnesota 75 est.

Arthur Dale Jones Private

Christine Jones Private

Glenn William Jones Private

Harry W. Jones August 31, 1888 November 30, 1959 Pueblo, Colorado San Bruno, California 71

Mark Alan Jones Private

Mark Steven Jones Private

Marsha Irene Jones Private

Robert Gerson Jones Private

Robin Lynne Jones Private

Shirley Anne Jones Private

Zachary Alexander Jones Private

Burton Highley Harriman Jr. Private

Charles Averill Jr. Private

Clarence Croft Jr. June 25, 1921 March 11, 1923 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 1

Donald Croft Jr. Private

Gary Redders Jr. Private

George Boyes Jr. April 16, 1884 July 02, 1966 Lancaster, Wisconsin Denver, Colorado 82

George Ehrgott Jr. June 01, 1908 November 01, 1980 East Orange, New Jersey Sun Lakes, Arizona 72

Harry W. Jones Jr. Private

Joseph Croft Jr. April 07, 1814 WFT Est. 1815-1904 York, Yorkshire, England 1 est.

Richard Hill Jr. Private

Robert Epperson Jr. Private

Terry Lee Croft Jr. Private

Thomas Manning Jr. Private

Andrea Renee Keeney Private

Matthew Steven Keeney Private

Steven Allan Keeney Private

Brant Regnar Kettlewell Private

David Edward Kettlewell Private

Eunice Willodene Kettlewell Private

George Edward Kettlewell Private

George Hyram Kettlewell December 13, 1876 November 27, 1959 Cedar Falls, Iowa Fort Worth, Texas 82

George Theron Kettlewell Private

James Ronald Kettlewell Private

Kim Kettlewell Private

Mary Kettlewell Private

Neil McKewan Kettlewell Private

Ralph Hastings Kettlewell October 26, 1898 January 1974 Burlington, Iowa Windom, Minnesota 75 est.

Raymond John Kettlewell Private

Robert Kettlewell Private

Royal Hastings Kettlewell February 07, 1858 February 06, 1921 Berlin, Wisconsin Windom, Minnesota 62

Vaudys Ione Kettlewell November 15, 1905 October 1988 Windom, Minnesota 82 est.

Barbara Kidde Private

Helen Kiekness Private

Bernice Rae Kirby Private

Clara Kjonaas

Hazel Eveline Kjonaas August 09, 1911 August 06, 1996 Albert Lea, Minnesota Nampa, ID 84

Henry Kjonaas

Manley Kjonaas February 23, 1917

Melvin Kjonaas February 23, 1917

Tilda Kjonaas

Tilford Kjonaas

Adam Mathias Kline Private

James Marshall Kline Private

Marshall Cone Kline October 12, 1902 May 1978 Oak Park, Illinois 75 est.

Megan Elizabeth Kline Private

Shirley Joyce Kline Private

Cynthia Knoblaugh Private

Asse Amelia Knudson

Donna Kobylinski Private

Elizabeth Komp February 24, 1877 February 24, 1963 Richland, Illinois Lancaster, Wisconsin 86

Paul Komp WFT Est. 1815-1844 WFT Est. 1869-1929 54 est.

Paul Komp WFT Est. 1826-1855 WFT Est. 1880-1940 54 est.

Kopp Private

Dallas James Kopp Private

Dorothy Kramar Private

Helen Pearl Kubias September 07, 1907 April 02, 1996 Center Point, Iowa Lancaster, Wisconsin 88

Nicole LaBorde Private

Cheri Nicole Ladd Private

Sheldon Lane Ladd Private

Rolla G. Lafferty August 23, 1881 March 1968 86 est.

Clyde LeRoy Lance January 09, 1883 December 03, 1951 Fennimore, Wisconsin St. Paul, Minnesota 68

Hazel Lance October 23, 1890 July 1983 Fennimore, Wisconsin 92 est.

Lula Aurilla Lance September 15, 1884 WFT Est. 1913-1978 Fennimore, Wisconsin 29 est.

Richard LeRoy Lance Private

Walter Scott Lance May 13, 1850 March 25, 1928 Libertyville, Illinois St. Paul, Minnesota 77

Veda Lila Landon Private

Constance Joy Larson Private

David Lewis Larson Private

Peter A. Larson Private

Philip Mark Larson Private

Rebecca Hope Larson Private

Peggy Marie Launey Private

Daniel Leon Leeds Private

Dorothy Esther Leeds Private

Leon L. Leeds Private

Aretha Leighty August 22, 1908 October 23, 1982 Lancaster, Wisconsin 74

Edward Lemke Private

Yvonne Lenzie Private

Mary Liebfried June 03, 1878 March 12, 1961 Tennyson, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 82

Kathi Ellen Liken Private

Leona Viola Lindquist March 25, 1899 February 1972 Dundee, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 72 est.

Clyde H. Lloyd November 01, 1894 January 1977 Walker, Missouri Nevada, Missouri 82 est.

Judith Ann Luft Private

Ernest Lutteg Private

Sheila Lutteg Private

Barry Malm Private

Cynthia Malm Private

Earl Malm Private

Gregory Malm Private

Terry Malm January 17, 1951 July 20, 1951 Windom, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 0

David Manning Private

Thomas Manning Private

John Stephen Maresh Private

Stacey Anne Maresh Private

Stephen Joel Maresh Private

Brooks Lawrence Jones (Mark's 1st Marriage) Private

Christopher Allen Jones (Marks's 1st Marriage) Private

Edith Schafer (Hannah's 1st Marriage) September 15, 1890 WFT Est. 1935-1985 Tonica, Illinois 45 est.

Edward Schafer (Hannah's 1st Marriage) October 23, 1893 WFT Est. 1932-1984 Tonica, Illinois 39 est.

Emma Schafer (Hannah's 1st Marriage) September 25, 1891 WFT Est. 1937-1986 Tonica, Illinois 46 est.

Gordon Wayne Howard (Cornelius' 1St Marriage) Private

James Henry Hibbard (Kathleen's 1st Marriage) Private

Tiffany Caruthers (Tracy's 1st Marriage) Private

William Schafer (Hannah's 1st Marriage) February 08, 1888 WFT Est. 1923-1979 Tonica, Illinois 35 est.

Sarah Jane Marshall July 19, 1868 January 20, 1933 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 64

Thomas Marshall WFT Est. 1817-1846 WFT Est. 1871-1931 54 est.

Jacqueline Mason Private

Kenneth Maxwell Private

Jill Diane McBirnie Private

Joy Elizabeth McBirnie Private

Robert Sheldon McBirnie Private

Darrell McCleary Private

Deanna McGill Private

Jennie McNulty June 21, 1892 March 10, 1988 Madison, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 95

Mildred Marie McPhail June 18, 1911 January 07, 1989 Platteville, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 77

Ruby McPhee 1875 WFT Est. 1952-1974 Beaver Falls, Minnesota 77 est.

Marion Mead Private

Allen Melligan Private

Carl Melligan Private

Delbert Melligan Private

Eunice Melligan Private

Isabel Melligan Private

John Melligan September 25, 1890 WFT Est. 1935-1982 Tracy, Minnesota 45 est.

Myrna Melligan Private

Jennie Amelia Meyer August 24, 1885 August 24, 1948 Avoca, Wisconsin Wenatchee, Washington 63

Marjorie Midsonk Private

Marie Miller December 29, 1891 WFT Est. 1921-1985 Windom, Minnesota 30 est.

Nicole Caty Miller Private

Phyllis Ann Miller Private

Stephen Timothy Miller Private

Timothy Miller Private

Thyrza Jeanette Mitchell August 09, 1874 March 04, 1957 Lancaster, Wisconsin Sebring, Florida 82

William Mooers April 03, 1898 October 01, 1963 Windom, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 65

Edna Moore January 01, 1878 July 11, 1950 Olmstead County, Minnesota Windom, Minnesota 72

Walter Moore Private

Davis Michael Morehead Private

Michael Morehead Private

Margaret Joan Murray Private

Maureen Jean Murray Private

Patrick John Murray Private

Stephen James Murray Private

Susan Jeralyn Murray Private

Theresa Jane Murray Private

Thomas Murray Private

Stephanie Jo Musser Private

Fred Neifert February 10, 1903 March 12, 1932 Bloomfield, Nebraska Yakima, Washington 29

Duane Nelson Private

Joan Nelson Private

Joseph Alfred Nelson Private

Shirley Nelson Private

Shirley Nelson Private

Wava Faith Newcomb Private

Elizabeth Nicholas Private

Alesha Loretta Nickerson Private

Alexander Charles Nickerson Private

Colin Michael Nickerson Private

Michael Lee Nickerson Private

Annie Ohlert January 01, 1893 September 15, 1945 Mt. Hope, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 52

Karen Lynn Ohnstad Private

Mary Ann Olson Private

Sharon Rose [Nachreiner] Olson Private

Linda Lynn Osterndorff Private

Orville Palmer September 10, 1903 November 1987 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 84 est.

Lenore Parrish Private

Kelly Lynn Paske Private

Ann Picaro Private

Irene Pierick Private

Gail Diane Pinchie Private

Mary Belle Pittenger June 15, 1872 June 30, 1966 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 94

Viola Ideleta Polk Private

Albert Postar Private

David Brent Postar Private

Michael Rowdon Postar Private

Susan Michelle Postar Private

Sandra Sue Price Private

Judith Kay Rasbach Private

James Rasnake August 28, 1920 November 1979 Vidalia, Georgia Vidalia, Georgia 59 est.

Gary Redders Private

Oliver Reed March 07, 1893 June 21, 1962 Stoutsville, Ohio Grand Junction, Colorado 69

Kelly Kay Reyerson Private

Lewis Richardson April 30, 1870 WFT Est. 1896-1961 Liberty Ridge Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Waukesha, Wisconsin 26 est.

Muriel Richardson April 03, 1892 March 27, 1971 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 78

Cleveland Ward Ridgedell Private

Shawn Ridgedell Private

Daniel Darrell Roble Private

Charles Rogers November 19, 1900 July 1987 Grand Junction, Colorado 86 est.

Victoria Isabel Rogers October 21, 1915 August 11, 1959 Fennimore, Wisconsin Los Angeles, California 43

Donald Rooks September 12, 1909 September 1986 Trenton, New Jersey 77 est.

Donna Jane Rooks Private

James Douglas Rooks Private

Mark Wayne Rooks Private

Phyllis Rooks Private

William Frederick Rooks Private

Joseph Gerald Rothe Private

Kaleb Gerald Rothe Private

Glen Rowdon Private

Jeannine Rowdon Private

Jeffrey John Rowdon Private

Jill Rowdon Private

John A. Rowdon September 11, 1864 November 14, 1936 Lancaster, Wisconsin Fennimore, Wisconsin 72

Judith Rowdon Private

Mabel Rowdon April 05, 1893 August 20, 1961 Lancaster, Wisconsin Mt. Hope, Wisconsin 68

Maurice Rowdon November 24, 1908 May 03, 1969 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Amite, Louisiana 60

Maxine Rowdon Private

Noelle Rowdon Private

Scott Kramar Rowdon Private

William Thomas Rowdon November 07, 1896 May 21, 1913 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 16

Barbara Rucker Private

Bertram Allan Rucker Private

Betty Ruth Rucker Private

Donna Lee Rucker Private

George Rucker 1874 December 12, 1919 Amhearst, Virginia Carbonera, Colorado 45 est.

George Rucker Private

Jeanette Rucker February 25, 1909 March 09, 1930 Grand Junction, Colorado Grand Junction, Colorado 21

Ronnie Lee Rucker Private

Vernon Ray Rucker Private

Virginia Boyes Rucker Private

Ellen Rudd July 27, 1893 May 01, 1954 Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado 60

Daphne Sager Private

Darlene Sager Private

Diane Marie Sager Private

Donald Frederick Sager Private

LaVon Sand Private

Thelma Santshi Private

Sarah WFT Est. 1826-1849 WFT Est. 1871-1937 45 est.

Beverly Schafer Private

Camilla Schafer Private

Curtis Schafer Private

Gwen Schafer Private

Hannah [Komp] Schafer April 30, 1866 November 20, 1949 Granville, Illinois Tracy, Minnesota 83

Raymond Schafer Private

Wilma Schafer Private

Frederick James Scheidt Private

Andrew Lee Schneider Private

Brek Lyle Schneider Private

Chip Lyle Schneider Private

David Howard Schneider Private

James Robert Schneider Private

Lyle Merlin Schneider Private

Megan Justine Schneider Private

Rachael Lynn Schneider Private

Richard Lyle Schneider Private

Robert Schneider Private

Stacy Kay Schneider Private

Paul Joseph Schumacher Private

Mary Schwandt December 22, 1887 November 02, 1927 Shiocton, Wisconsin Rhinelander, Wisconsin 39

Emma Scott February 15, 1876 July 29, 1949 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 73

Deborah Ann Scull Private

James Scull Private

Pamela Louise Scull Private

Clone Shaffer Private

Dale Everette Shaffer Private

Delores Muriel Shaffer Private

Kenneth William Shaffer Private

Linda Shaffer Private

Sandra Jane Shaffer Private

Sharon Shaffer Private

Sherry Jean Shaffer Private

Van Shaffer April 24, 1892 June 30, 1974 Ottertail County, Minnesota Lancaster, Wisconsin 82

William Dale Shaffer Private

William Jay Shaffer Private

Bobby Gene Shirk Private

Bonnie Lou Shirk Private

Charles Shirk August 11, 1886 April 1970 Ida Grove, Iowa 83 est.

William Charles Shirk Private

William Clark Shirk Private

Allen Siebel Private

Kimberly Siebel Private

Mark Allen Siebel Private

Nancy Siebel Private

Royal Siebel Private

Sandra Siebel Private

Marian Edith Sigafus Private

James P. Slade Private

Brian Douglas Smith Private

Darin Michael Smith Private

Darlene Kaye Smith Private

David Thomas Smith Private

Ernest Smith Private

Eugenia Mae Smith Private

Janice Ruth Smith Private

LaVerne Smith Private

Michael Smith Private

Naomi Ethel Smith Private

Robin Sue Smith Private

Shirley Gretchen Smith Private

Stanley Ernest Smith Private

Dick Sohn

Joyce Soms Private

Ramona Sorenson Private

Robert Sperr Private

Claire Grady Stainhofer Private

Deanna Mae Stainhofer Private

Karen Rae Stainhofer February 25, 1939 July 16, 1960 Mt. Hope, Wisconsin Illinois near the town of Antioch 21

Frank Joseph Stanich Private

David Robert Stave Private

Milton Stave Private

Thomas Stave November 18, 1894 WFT Est. 1928-1985 Brooklyn, New York 34 est.

Melissa Rae Steinl Private

Michael William Steinl Private

Norbeert Steinl Private

Stephen Craig Steinl Private

Myrna Violetta Stich Private

Susan Gail Stokes Private

William Cooper Stokes II Private

William Cooper Stokes III Private

Maria Lynn Storch Private

Colin Thomas Stowell Private

Jack Stowell Private

Louise H. Strasbaugh WFT Est. 1869-1892 WFT Est. 1914-1980 45 est.

Louise Strommel Private

Carolyn Studnicka Private

Kitty Sweeney January 07, 1870 June 25, 1951 St. Paul, Minnesota St. Paul, Minnesota 81

Angela Renee Swenson Private

Beverly Jean Swenson Private

Christine Marie Swenson Private

Corinne Ann Swenson Private

Craig Thomas Swenson Private

David Anthony Swenson Private

Eric Ronald Swenson Private

Jennifer Judith Swenson Private

Joyce Arlene Swenson Private

Melissa Lynn Swenson Private

Paul LeRoy Swenson Private

Paul Michael Swenson Private

Robert Earl Swenson Private

Ronald Earl Swenson Private

Sylvia Private

Kathryn Taylor Private

Robert Earl Teegardin Private

Raymond Thompson January 05, 1898 May 1981 Hamilton, Montana 83 est.

Irene Thorison January 16, 1890 January 1987 Edmund, Wisconsin Evansville, Wisconsin 97 est.

Deanna Thornton Private

James Thornton Private

Jerry Thornton Private

Mary Thornton Private

Dudley Thorsen Private

Carolyn Ann Tiller Private

David Gerard Tiller Private

Denise Marie Tiller Private

Donald Ralph Tiller Private

James Michael Tiller Private

John Gregory Tiller Private

Joseph William Tiller Private

Margaret Mary Tiller Private

Mark Donald Tiller Private

Martha Jane Tiller Private

Ralph Donald Tiller August 19, 1910 May 09, 1987 Lancaster, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 76

William Clyde Tiller May 16, 1878 December 11, 1918 Mt. Ida Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 40

Mabel Tonkin Private

Charles Clarence Tuckwood January 09, 1882 August 22, 1954 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Sebring, Florida 72

Clarissa Tuckwood July 06, 1903 March 1988 Lancaster, Wisconsin 84 est.

Eleanor Tuckwood November 14, 1919 February 11, 1966 Fennimore, Wisconsin Vidalia, Georgia 46

Elizabeth Tuckwood Private

Elva Marie Tuckwood Private

Frank Tuckwood May 26, 1875 May 20, 1952 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Sebring, Florida 76

George W. Tuckwood May 09, 1869 May 02, 1966 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin 96

Lillie Cora Tuckwood August 14, 1867 January 15, 1957 Northfield, Minnesota Fennimore, Wisconsin 89

Nettie Tuckwood January 23, 1874 February 28, 1961 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 87

Ruby Tuckwood Private

Thomas Tuckwood May 18, 1844 May 16, 1927 Staffordshire, England Lancaster, Wisconsin 82

Thomas Emil Tuckwood October 30, 1913 August 14, 1914 Shiocton, Wisconsin Shiocton, Wisconsin 0

Theodore Hays Turner 1925 August 02, 1952 Jackson Heights,Michigan Newport Beach, Clifornia 27 est.

Alice Tweet January 18, 1897 WFT Est. 1932-1992 Tracy, Minnesota 35 est.

Julia Tweet July 28, 1890 WFT Est. 1922-1984 Tracy, Minnesota 32 est.

Beth Vaught Private

Geneva Vesperman October 01, 1913 November 19, 1990 North Lancaster Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 77

Deanna Kay Vincent Private

Donald Allen Vincent May 16, 1907 July 26, 1971 Potosi Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 64

Donna Kim Vincent Private

LaVon Marie Vincent Private

Ruth Elizabeth Vincent Private

Lynn Marie Vosniah Private

Martha Waddington WFT Est. 1806-1829 WFT Est. 1851-1917 45 est.

Martha Waddington WFT Est. 1801-1824 WFT Est. 1846-1912 45 est.

Martha Waddington WFT Est. 1809-1832 WFT Est. 1854-1920 45 est.

Martha Waddington WFT Est. 1811-1834 WFT Est. 1856-1922 45 est.

Jack Watson Private

Eugene Carl Weber

Harold Eugene Weber June 12, 1934 Walla Walla, WN

Lori June Weber September 29, 1961

Sallie Elizabeth Weber November 19, 1962 Palo Alto, CA

Thomas David Weber December 31, 1970 Redwood City, CA

Martha Louise Welksons Private

Evelyn Eileen Welsh Private

Ruth Caroline Welsh January 11, 1904 May 24, 1985 Little Grant Township, Grant County, Wisconsin Lancaster, Wisconsin 81

Carl Wenzler Private

Linda Wenzler Private

Michael Wenzler Private

Elizabeth West WFT Est. 1828-1851 WFT Est. 1873-1939 45 est.

Katarina Westerman WFT Est. 1824-1847 WFT Est. 1869-1935 45 est.

Katarina Westerman WFT Est. 1835-1858 WFT Est. 1880-1946 45 est.

Charles Sumner Williams Private

Coral Rebecca Williams September 16, 1903 December 1986 Ladysmith, Wisconsin 83 est.

Guy Williams April 22, 1874 March 25, 1945 Marshall, Minnesota Marshall, Minnesota 70

Helen Rita Williams January 06, 1901 December 1989 Spokane, Wshington 88 est.

Laura Baynard Williams Private

Scott Marshall Williams Private

Steven Croft Williams Private

Thomas Thurston Williams Private

Donald Earl Winkers Private

Richard Donald Winkers Private

Robert Eugene Winkers Private

Ann Jeanette Yaeger Private

David Mitchell Yaeger Private

Julie Marie Yaeger Private

Rebecca Ann Yaeger Private

Roscoe Yaeger September 14, 1898 May 1972 Wilkes Bare, Pennsylvania 73 est.

Mark Yates Private

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