Manley and Phyllis Kjonaas on their 60 th Wedding Anniversary, June 2002

This Web Site Contains Genealogy and Family Histories and Stories With Links to the Following Families and Family Branches:

Kjonaas, Markham, Doty, Knudson, Rugroden, Krueger, Emrud, Felix Grundy Nichols, Glaspey, Croft, Russell, Shinabarger, Heegard, Halvorson, Olson, Pederson, Hefta, Nelson, Gorder, Christiansren, Ole Evenson Kjonaas, Larson.

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Pictures of Snow in Indianapolis, Feb. 2003

Kjonaas Family Pictures, 2001

Family News

Minnesota Kjonaas Family Tree

Minnesota Kjonaas Family List of Names

Knudson Family Tree

Knudson Family List of Names

Ole A. Kjonaas Family Tree

Ole A. Kjonaas List of Names

Heegard Family Tree

Heegard List of Names

Croft Family Tree

Croft List of Names

Halvorson Family Tree

Halvorson List of Names

Henry Kjonaas Family Tree

Henry Kjonaas List of Names

Kjonaas Family Group

Russell-Shinabarger Genealogy Report

Russell-Shinabarger Family Tree

Russell-Shinabarger Family List of Names

Heegard Family Pictures

Glaspey-Harris Family Branch

Glaspey-Harris List of Names

N. Dak. Kjonaas Family Tree

N.Dak. Kjonaas Family Names

Markham Family Tree

Markham Family Names

M.L. Markham Family Tree

M.L. Markham List of Names

Doty-Markham Family Tree

Doty-Markham List of Names

Markham Picture History

Felix Grundy Nichols Civil War Documents

Starbuck in the 1920's

Kjonaas Picture History

Ole Evenson Kjonaas

Hans Olson Kjonaas Civil War Documents

N.Dak. Kjonaas Family History

Felix Grundy Nichols Story

Markham Family Obituaries

MN Kjonaas Family Obituaries

Hefta Family Tree

Hefta Family List of Names

The Russell, Shinabarger, Kjonaas, Markham Family Connections

The Russell, Shinabarger, Kjonaas, Markham Connections, List of Names

Kjonaas Relative in Norway

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